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Latin American Studies


Denison University



Internships and Entry-level Jobs


Chicago and Columbus, OH


Winter and Summer


I am seeking position that uses my talents and has opportunities for advancement.


External Affairs Summer Intern
Commonwealth Edison | June 2011 - August 2011

Media relations, fund raising, marketing, communications, public relations, advocacy, outreach and government relations on behalf of Commonwealth Edison

Governance Association Clerk
Denison Campus Governance Association | October 2013 - April 2004

Record minutes during Senate sessions, Executive Board and Campus Affairs Council meetings. Share minutes via email to Denison Campus Governance Association members. Keep attendance records for Senate sessions.

Spanish Tutor

One-on-one assistance, depending on the student's needs, once a week for one hour


Colonial Latin America
History 181 | spring 2014

A survey course on Latin America from Conquest through Independence. Topics included exploration of: 1) how Spain and Portugal conquered and colonised the Americas, 2) how they managed to maintain control over those colonies, 3) how the colonised (Indians, Africans, and mixed races) responded to the imposition of colonial rule, 4) the role of women and gender in colonial settings, and 5) the implications of colonialism for the study of modern Latin America.

Hispanic Culture Through Service in Central Ohio
Spanish 323 | spring 2014

I learned about the cultures and varied history of Latino communities in the USA and used my Spanish language skills through service with local Hispanic communities. I explored specific questions on education and representation of Mexican Americans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans and Central-Americans. I also analysed texts, evaluated films and documentaries, and wrote journals reflecting on my experiences with the Latinos I worked with.

Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis
Economics 302 | spring 2014

An examination of the basic assumptions and methods of analysis employed in microeconomic theory, including demand analysis, production and cost relationships, market structures, distribution theory, general equilibrium and welfare economics.

Conversation & Phonetics
French 213 | fall 2013

Training and refining of all skills, with an emphasis on pronunciation and oral communication. Conducted in French.

Hispanic Cultures
Spanish 320 | fall 2013

Important cultural characteristics and productions from both Latin America and Spain. This course offered a historical framework to identify, analyse and contrast fundamental cultural themes, actors and events. I developed analytical and critical skills to understand similarities and differences between Spain and Latin America.

Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis
Economics 301 | fall 2013

An examination of the determinants of Gross Domestic Product, the unemployment rate and the price level. The components of aggregate spending consumption, investment, foreign trade and government will be examined to determine their significance for explaining the business cycle. Similarly the financial side of the economy and the role of money will be examined to determine their impact on the business cycle. The purpose of each examination is to understand the factors that move the economy and how fiscal and monetary policy can be used to alter the course of economic trends.


Organizations and Groups

La Fuerza Latina