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Brooke K.

Public Relations


Spanish Language and Literature


Boston University



Internships and Entry-level Jobs


Marketing, Public Relations


Boston and Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, AZ


Spring, Summer, and Fall


Brooke is currently a junior in Boston University's College of Communications pursuing a degree in Public Relations and a minor in Spanish. Brooke is also a very active participant in the national community service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega.


Marketing Intern
Kubide | May 2014 - July 2014

Kubide is a start-up located in Madrid, Spain dedicated to the advancement and development of web and mobile based start-ups.
As the marketing intern I was responsible for managing the social media accounts of Kubide and our 8 clients, conducting research about the growing market of start-ups, and conducting social media analytics to determine the efficacy of our social media campaigns.
I truly valued my experience in Spain because this was the first opportunity I have had to combine both my major and minor in a professional setting.

Campus Ambassador/Intern
TEACH.org | August 2013 - September 2013

TEACH.org is a program that strives to encourage college students to pursue education and teaching as a career.
As TEACH.org's Boston University Campus Ambassador I was responsible for spreading their message across BU's campus and encouraging students to consider a future in teaching. I also partnered with the Campus Ambassador's at Northeastern University to plan a promotional event for the program.

Bilingual Tutor
Hurley K-8 School | September 2012 - December 2012

As a bilingual tutor, I organized the after school activities for children ages 5 to 12 at Hurley K-8 School. The main purpose of the after school program was to help students complete their homework, and my primary job was to help students with their Spanish.


Spanish for Professions
Spanish LS310 | spring 2014 | Magdalena Malinowska

Spanish for Professions is a business course taught in Spanish. The class is set up as an application process for a job. The first few weeks were spent introducing students to European business culture. After that students began the "application process" where they were to draft cover letters and resumes in Spanish, participate in interviews, and follow with a thank you letter.
This class was particularly helpful because it exposed me to European business culture prior to me interning in Madrid.

Writing for Communications
Communications CM331 | spring 2014 | Christy Berkery

In Writing for Communications students are given the opportunity to hone their skills on writing communications documents. In this class we focused on press releases, media advisories, features, op-eds, e-newsletters, and blog posts.

Introduction to Hispanic Texts
Spanish LS350 | fall 2014 | James Iffland

This class gives upper level Spanish students a taste of Hispanic literature.

Public Relations Ethics
Communications CM525 | fall 2014 | Dr. Donald K. Wright

Dr. Wright is an internationally acclaimed scholar with vast experience in many facets of the public relations world. His public relations ethics class incorporates classical ethical theories and applies them to real world public relations occurrences as a way of teaching his students how to conduct public relations in an ethical manner.

Media Relations
Communications CM441 | fall 2014 | Justin Joseph

This class revolves around the relationships between public relations practitioners and reporters. It covers everything from creating a comprehensive PR plan to training public speakers.

Spanish Translation
Spanish LS306 | fall 2013 | Victoria Livingstone

This class discussed the theories behind translating and debated which method of translation produces the most accurate translation of a piece.

Principles and Practices of Public Relations
Communications CM301 | fall 2013 | Dr. Ed Downes

Dr. Downes, a very well-versed practitioner in the world of public relations, teaches this class as a means of introducing students to the whole field, specifically focusing on governmental, not-for-profit, agency, and corporate public relations.


Organizations and Groups

Alpha Phi Omega


"Pledge Program of Excellence Award"