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J B.

Public Relations


Arkansas Tech University


2.9 GPA


Internships and Entry-level Jobs


Public Realtion, public information, investor relations, public affairs, corporate communications, employee relations, marketing or product publicity,consumer service, customer relations, Human resources, Branding/Imaging,Fashion


Atlanta, Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway, AR, Los Angeles, Memphis, TN-MS-AR, and Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, FL


Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall


I am passionate about my education, career goals, and aspirations.


Power Lock Entertainment | January 2004 - Present

Gaining experience in the urban music/fashion market. Assisted in founding the name of the company.

Office Manager
DH Solutions llc. | January 2012 - February 2013

Office Management duties ,website management,payment distribution, and customer service.

Warehouse Associate
DH Solutions llc. | January 2010 - February 2013

Inventory, packaging, shipping,labeling, copy, print, and scanning.


Principles of Marketing
Marketing 3043 | fall 2014

The principles of marketing.
Course Objective:
To have students make significant progress in developing their ability to think and communicate in creative, innovative, and constructive ways about the concepts within marketing and the problems and issues confronting marketing and marketers using
generally accepted terminology and concepts as a foundation.

Project Design
Professional Studies 3003 | fall 2014

This course will provide an opportunity for the student to facilitate a process for identifying a specific problem in an actual industry or business environment relevant to the student’s specialty area. The student will outline a formal plan of action for identifying the problem. The plan must include a broad scan of the specific area/operation selected including the names and titles of the individuals surveyed for input. The end product will be the development of a formal needs assessment which identifies deficiencies or areas of improvement. The needs should be prioritized on the basis of feasibility, cost, and urgency.

Introduction to Sociology
Sociology 1003 | fall 2014

Class Objectives:

• To introduce you to the basic concepts, theoretical orientations, and methodologies found in sociology.
• To challenge you to rise above common assumptions regarding human existence.
• To aid you in understanding the diversity of the world and its populace.

Laws of Communications
Journalism 4123 | fall 2014

Course Description

This course addresses the most relevant and important aspects of mass media law in the United States that influence the mass media, audiences, and related communications industries including Internet. This class is principally designed to provide the basic understanding of the many legal issues which professional communicators face on a regular basis. Although this is a course about mass media law in large part, it is not a law-school course. So our main interest is the examination of the law of the field of mass communications as well as its history and effects.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of the course, you will be expected to know/understand:
• History and idea of First Amendment
• Statutory enactments and regulatory controversies affecting speech across the print, broadcast, cable, and Internet media
• Mass media related ethical issues
• Practical knowledge to help practitioners and audiences protect themselves and to use the law to their advantage
• The legal process and judicial decision making



4.0 Dean's List